Studed clinchers

a) Silver studed clincher

Handmade studed waist clinchers.
Include registered mail.

b) Gold studed clincher


green with envy

Handmade chainmaille bracelet.
Combination of gold and silver colour.
Green ribbon along the side.
Include registered mail.

*So far not restockable at the moment. But if you have any inquiries, we’ll try to work things out. (: *


Handmade chainmaille bracelet.
Combination of gold and silver colour.
Include registered mail.

Bow-ties for party ?

Oh boy babes, sorry for the hiatus.
Been really busy with jobs lately but now that the job’s done , we’ve got all the time for Cheville. (:

First and foremost, a big Congratulation to Siti Norhamnida for winning the contest held by Detailed Wears. :*D

And secondly, recently Cheville ‘sponsored’ quite a number of bow-tie ribbons for a girl’s 21st birthday.
Why the quote unquote sponsored?
Well, the reason is because we didn’t exactly sponsored everything.
The birthday girl bought us the raw materials and Cheville ‘sponsored’ the hard work. It’s the theme for the girl’s birthday, everyone is required to put on a bow-tie.

Wanna take a look and see how it looks like? 😉
Here you go. (:

* Birthday girl and her brother. Spot the red bow-tie.

We do provide ‘bow-tie’ service.
Like how?
If you’re throwing a birthday party or just any party and wish to have a cute theme, you can definitely find Cheville to help you on that.
Just tell us how many bow-ties you wish to have, when do you need it and what colours do you want. (:
About the price, it depends on how many ribbons you order from us.
The more the cheaper of course. 😉

The maximum price is Rm6 per bow-tie.
You can definitely custom made it, just let us know how you want the bow-tie to look like.
And also if you wish, we can help you on a little bit of party planning too.

We’re here not only to sell but also to make everyone happy, make the party a great and unforgettable one.
The best part is, your friends and families get to bring back the bow-tie as souvenir. 😉

If bow-tie is not your thing, you still can look for us and tell us what you would like to have.
We can always work things out. (:

Detailed Wears Turned 1


‘Oh my god, what is this all about?’

Good news for everyone. Detailed Wears just turned one and in conjunction with this Cheville will be sponsoring something for Detailed Wears’ readers.

The prize that Cheville will be sponsoring is ‘Surround That Star’ and how do you get to win that?
Head over here and check it out now babe.

Act quick and join the contest before its too late. (:

What About My Finger?


Yay!! We’ve got rings in store now. (:
We’ve got bracelets and of course we need rings as well.
The above picture is to show you how the ring looks like.


And here are four designs for you to choose from. (:
Rm10 each.
Include registered mail.

The Gold in That Marble

The gold in that marble

Limited Edition one and only

Handmade bracelet.
Does this piece of bracelet looks vintage to you? (:
Lovely isn’t it?
Adjustable black ribbon. (:

Include registered mail.
*Non restockable*